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FEBRUARY 15, 2021

How are we already here; the year seems like it just started?!  Happy February everyone and welcome to the shortest month of the entire year! Things seem to have settled down and leveled off a little bit – at least for us, and we hope you have found some sort of rhythm to your new year too.

Grab your pen and pencil because it’s time to figure out where you are going to stay for your TDY!


Today we wanted to share some of our pros and cons list about where you might want to stay for your TDY.  Are you headed off for a relatively “short” stay somewhere while you do some training?  Depending on your training you might be there for just a few weeks or for multiple months.  Between base housing, apartments, crash pads/pit pads, it can sometimes feel overwhelming knowing where to land (pun intended for all you pilots out there).  Since we’ve been through it ourselves, we hope you find this helpful!




This is sometimes referred to as DOD lodging.  Talk about ease and proximity.  You know what you can expect; you get your hotel-sized room, a bathroom, mini-fridge and microwave (sometimes more or less).  As far as nice-ness goes; this is different at different bases so you may want to check it out before you make your choice, but it’s government housing.  Either way, the plus side is that there’s no commitment.  You pay by the night, and your housing stipend for your TDY covers the cost each month.  We love that you are super close to work and then are also close to fellow colleagues and classmates which can make it convenient for studying, class work, and the best commute ever.  There is a drawback as far as having family or friends over; if they are non-military you will have to get them a pass and escorted onto base (during non-COVID times of course).




Hotel rooms; pros include, no contracts for time and maid-service.  This is good for flexibility especially while in-between or looking for longer-term housing.  Unless it’s a nicer and newer hotel, you pretty much know what you can expect including few amenities.  Prices vary here as does location, but this is definitely an option to consider for short term.  It may not be great for a long stay due to not having good grocery storage or the ability to cook.



RENTING A HOUSE (or apartment)

This may be a good choice for people with a family because you would get your own space for kids, pets, etc.  Proximity to the military base would just depend on the area you find available.  Renting usually requires first/last month’s rent and deposit which should be a consideration as some of the other options don’t require it.  Be aware that a rented house is likely not furnished. As you may have already learned; TDY starting and ending dates can change at the drop of a hat, meaning it’s not always clear up front exactly when you will need housing, and home rentals are not quite as flexible as we would love. Pros and cons though… if you have a family with you, the day-to-day flexibility might not be as important as having your own home and space.




These are one in the same, and this is our favorite option, but of course, we are a bit biased.  One of the biggest things is that you get the comfort of a warm, welcoming home.  While you are away from your family or your comfort-zone, we do our best to make it feel like you are at home by providing you with fully-furnished rooms (with high-end furniture), fully-stocked kitchen (as far as utensils and cooking needs), weekly maid service (with special precautions for COVID-19 of course), towels, individual TVs with all the things you could want included, the ability to enjoy a yard, and more.  Not all crash pads are created equal, so do your research, but often-times there are quite a few amenities offered.  Crash Pads charge no more than on-base housing which is fully funded from your TDY stipend amount. Proximity is important to us and with TDY Haven Crash Pad we only have homes that are within a 10 min drive, door-to-door (but make sure to check the location before you sign anyone’s lease).  Speaking of lease agreements, they are typically flexible due to the sometimes, ever-changing dates of TDY.  One of our favorite things is that you share the house with like-minded people; in fact, you will likely be sharing with fellow classmates or colleagues, which is great for studying, quick questions, and for making friends.  In our case, you are renting an individual room.  Of course, if you are coming with a family or don’t want any roommates this can potentially be a downside as well, though some crash pads do provide housing for single families.  As the owners of TDY Haven Crash Pad, we are always just a text, email, or phone call away and are always happy to help you with anything you might need, including talking about all these options too.


Let us know if you have any pros and cons you want to add to our list!  Please, feel free to reach out to us via our website, email, or by phone which is listed below.  We hope you have a great TDY stay, wherever that brings you!


-The TDY Haven Crash Pad Team





We hope we helped make deciding where to live less confusing!



SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

What’s a girl (or boy) got to do to get a good drink around here?!


For those of us that like to enjoy a little nightlife, the COVID pandemic restrictions put a bit of a damper on us trying to enjoy a drink at a fun bar every once and a while. While this is a bummer, there are still some great places to get drinks that aren’t strictly “bars” where we can safely social-distance and enjoy a fun ambiance.


An absolute must try is the Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar. This restaurant serves an amazing brunch and has a killer dinner menu. When the restrictions aren’t in place, their bloody mary bar is to die for. That being said, in the meantime, you can enjoy great mimosas with a wide variety of juices. No matter what time of day you go though, make sure you try their Whiskey Cake. https://www.whiskeycake.com/


If you’re looking for something near downtown instead of on the upper west side, you can look for Down on Grayson in the Pearl District. It is also “not a bar,” but when you go, you’ll be blown away by their selection of high-end drinks. Their parmesan fries are especially good and their sandwiches are impressive. http://downongrayson.com/


A little bit smaller and a little bit more upscale is Kindling Texas Kitchen. They have a wide range of affordable meals but also offer the high-end dinners with delicious drinks for the celebrations you’ll inevitably have. The coolest part… the place is built in an old house! If you don’t want to stay in the restaurant, they also do curbside pick-up right now (you can get the drinks next time). https://www.kindlingtexaskitchen.com/


When you’re in the mood to go for a little bit of a drive, head out to Original City Market BBQ or The Powerplant Texas Grill. The Powerplant Texas Grill is located right along the river can be a great spot if you want to float the river and then grab some food. Talk about a fun weekend idea! There is a float company located in the same parking lot. http://www.seguinpowerplant.com/


And of course, how could we talk about famous San Antonio restaurants without talking about Tower of the America’s. The view is impressive especially since the restaurant sits on top of a spinning platform that rotates to give you a new perspective while you’re enjoying your meal. Great food, great drinks.  http://www.toweroftheamericas.com/


You can also check out these restaurants when you are ready for more:


We’d love to hear what you thought of our drink spot recommendations so please pass a message back to us if you try any of these places. And if you have more recommendations that our future tenants should know about, we’d be excited to hear them. Cheers!


-The TDY Haven Crash Pad Team






WELCOME HOME PILOTS! Off-base housing at it’s finest.

WELCOME HOME PILOTS! Off-base housing at it’s finest.

Do you have a TDY to Randolph AFB?


Enjoy the comfort of luxury homes right down the street and skip the hotel or on-base housing.

We have personally been there and have made it easy, reliable, and comfortable for you to stay in this home-away from home.

Share the house with your friends and have the privacy of your own room. The best of both worlds.

What is not to love about TDY Haven Crash Pad?!

We can’t wait to be in touch with you! Feel free to call, text, email, or visit our contact page on the website 🙂



COVID-19: Welcome to Your Clean Home

COVID-19: Welcome to Your Clean Home


Hello everyone, Shannon here!  I am one of the owners of TDY Haven Crash Pad.  And it’s time for a little blog post… might I add, this is the FIRST blog post I will be doing as new ownership took place this last year (but that is a story for another post – stay tuned!)


What is this?? New hashtags and all

#quarantinelife   #covid19

We have been dealing with this Covid-19 situation for some time now; how is everyone holding up during this trying time of the #CoronaVirus?

As a Registered Nurse on the front-lines in a hospital, even I find myself having so many unanswered questions.  That’s why we wanted to share what we are doing to keep your health and safety as our priority – as that is something we DO know we can take part in.

While so much is unknown and out of our control, there are some things that aren’t out of our hands (including literally WASHING them!) to keep ourselves safe and healthy.

(Are memes appropriate?  You get the point – wash your hands.)


Keeping your home clean

#safehands    #safehome

It is important more than ever to maintain as germ-free of a home as possible as we attempt to minimize the spread of disease and sickness.

We have a WONDERFUL cleaning company that we have built a relationship with and trust to care for your home.  While they weren’t able to keep all their clients during this time due to multiple factors including taking more time to clean homes, disinfecting between homes, etc, they have continued to come to our houses with extra safety measures in place.

Here is a snippet from the cleaning company in terms of what they are doing when coming to your home on the weekly cycle…

The safety of our customers and employees continues to be our top priority. 

We have implemented several new safety precautions and are enforcing all procedures from the CDC to help keep you, your home, and our team safe and healthy.

  1. Using EPA registered disinfectants, along with microfiber cloths, and HEPA vacuum bag filtration. We will still be disinfecting all commonly touched surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, faucets, etc… with our hospital grade disinfectant
  2. Wearing gloves in homes
  3. Disinfecting all cleaning products between homes
  4. Wearing face masks or coverings
  5. Wearing shoe covers before entering the home (if requested)
  6. Observing all social distancing requirements and asking homeowners to do the same while we are cleaning

(Consider it done.)


With this in mind… By keeping your homes clean, we hope that at the very least you feel SAFE after a long day at work.

It’s our standard to supply those regular house-hold products, but in a time like this, we know our tenants are more thankful  than ever for packages of cleaning supplies showing up at their doors.


As things begin to open up, keep up with what safety measures are in place


First of all, it should really be called “physical distancing,” but I digress…

There are many simple and beautiful references (like the ones below) from the CDC if you are looking for trust-worthy information regarding the prevention of spread, what to do in sickness, and how to limit your exposure. The link is here: https://www.cdc.gov/



A new era for all of us…


As “stay safe” and “hope your family is well” have become our new common parting statements, I am proud to say we are making it through this pandemic #alonetogether.

We, at TDY Haven Crash Pad, are always only a quick message or call away to assist you or make sure you have the things you need. Thank you for staying with us or referring to us at TDY Haven Crash Pad!

You are all what makes this worth it.  Thank you for your continued service and hard work! And of course, STAY SAFE!