SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

What’s a girl (or boy) got to do to get a good drink around here?!


For those of us that like to enjoy a little nightlife, the COVID pandemic restrictions put a bit of a damper on us trying to enjoy a drink at a fun bar every once and a while. While this is a bummer, there are still some great places to get drinks that aren’t strictly “bars” where we can safely social-distance and enjoy a fun ambiance.


An absolute must try is the Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar. This restaurant serves an amazing brunch and has a killer dinner menu. When the restrictions aren’t in place, their bloody mary bar is to die for. That being said, in the meantime, you can enjoy great mimosas with a wide variety of juices. No matter what time of day you go though, make sure you try their Whiskey Cake. https://www.whiskeycake.com/


If you’re looking for something near downtown instead of on the upper west side, you can look for Down on Grayson in the Pearl District. It is also “not a bar,” but when you go, you’ll be blown away by their selection of high-end drinks. Their parmesan fries are especially good and their sandwiches are impressive. http://downongrayson.com/


A little bit smaller and a little bit more upscale is Kindling Texas Kitchen. They have a wide range of affordable meals but also offer the high-end dinners with delicious drinks for the celebrations you’ll inevitably have. The coolest part… the place is built in an old house! If you don’t want to stay in the restaurant, they also do curbside pick-up right now (you can get the drinks next time). https://www.kindlingtexaskitchen.com/


When you’re in the mood to go for a little bit of a drive, head out to Original City Market BBQ or The Powerplant Texas Grill. The Powerplant Texas Grill is located right along the river can be a great spot if you want to float the river and then grab some food. Talk about a fun weekend idea! There is a float company located in the same parking lot. http://www.seguinpowerplant.com/


And of course, how could we talk about famous San Antonio restaurants without talking about Tower of the America’s. The view is impressive especially since the restaurant sits on top of a spinning platform that rotates to give you a new perspective while you’re enjoying your meal. Great food, great drinks.  http://www.toweroftheamericas.com/


You can also check out these restaurants when you are ready for more:


We’d love to hear what you thought of our drink spot recommendations so please pass a message back to us if you try any of these places. And if you have more recommendations that our future tenants should know about, we’d be excited to hear them. Cheers!


-The TDY Haven Crash Pad Team