Welcome to TDY Haven Crash Pad

Welcome to TDY Haven Crash Pad

TDY Pit Pad & Crash Pad at Randolph AFB in San Antonio, TX


Founded in 2016, TDY Haven Crash Pad is a family-owned and operated business. As a family with generations of deep aviation roots, including Air Force pilots, we have personally gone through what you are going through now, including moving to a new town and exploring various, sometimes overwhelming, TDY living arrangements. Should I stay on base, at a hotel in town, or maybe in a house nearby? Will it be nice and comfortable? How about the neighborhood? We’re completely sincere when we say with the first-hand experience of our owners and family members in the pursuit of finding crash-pads to stay at for their own TDY times, we have established the best crash pads in the industry. As you establish yourself in one of our homes, it will be evident that we have lived in crash pads ourselves.

TDY Haven Crash Pad provides off-base housing rentals to active duty, guard, and reserve military members in San Antonio, TX, and surrounding communities with lodging for any military member who is training at Randolph AFB while on TDY for PIT, RFC, RIQ, URT, IFF, and more. Our business is committed to changing the typical TDY crash pad experience. With owners that know the frustrations and annoyances that typically accompany a long-term TDY, we do not overbook our houses with the typical profit-driven mindset that you will find with other crashpad companies.

What sets us apart from other TDY lodging options:
▪ Monthly Stipend of up to $200 for Groceries, Restaurants/ Takeout, & Libations
▪ Our ability to customize your stay to what you need
▪ Incentives for staying at our houses
▪ Catering to your individual wants and needs
▪ Promotional items like:

  • Massages
  • Restaurant vouchers
  • Concert tickets
  • Yeti ice chests
  • And more

Check with us to see what might be in store for you. We give back to our military members!

For more information about our available rentals or to make a reservation, please contact us today at

We operate three homes within three minutes of Randolph Air Force Base!


The brick and vinyl Raptor House for TDY stays available through TDY Haven Crash Pad in Shcertz, TX
The brick Falcon House with two garages for TDY stays available through TDY Haven Crash Pad in Schertz, TX
The brick Eagle House with two garages for TDY stays available through TDY Haven Crash Pad in Schertz, TX