Available Rentals

Luxury TDY Crashpads & Military Housing Rentals


When you are on temporary duty in San Antonio or surrounding areas, you deserve to have comfortable accommodations where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Here at TDY Haven Crash Pad we aim to provide our tenants with the best living experience possible. We know the importance of having a quality place to stay when you are away from home.

]Aerial Map of JBS Randolph Air Base and an arrow poitning to the close proximity of all the houses available through TDY Haven Crash Pad in Schertz, TX

Available Rentals

Brick and vinyl siding Raptor House with a garage and landscaped lawn in Schertz, TX available through TDY Haven Crash Pad

Raptor House

Brick and stone Falcon House with two garages, landscaped lawn, and vibrant green bushes in Schertz, TX available through TDY Haven Crash Pad

Falcon House

Brick Eagle House with two garages, landscaped lawn, and a wide driveway offered by TDY Haven Crash Pad in Schertz, TX

Eagle House

Rental Information

We have multiple houses available to you during your stay. Our properties are located in Schertz, not even four miles, less than a 10-minute drive to the front and rear gates of the base. Our newest home is only a grassy field away from the AFB where you can watch the planes take off from the backyard! Our homes are new and come furnished with brand new Beautyrest bedding and furniture in every room. The homes sit nestled in a cozy cul-de-sac or corner street providing lots of parking and a quiet oasis to hang out and enjoy your time off.

We aim to provide the best living experience possible. Our TDY rentals include free utilities, hi-speed wireless internet, Premium Direct TV including the NFL package, queen-sized beds, on-site laundry, professional weekly maid service, and two separate entertainment rooms. Each house varies, some have a fully stocked poker room with mounted TV, a ping-pong table.


We look forward to having you stay with us! Since our rooms are first come first serve, please contact us at 707-576-9999, tdyhavenllc@gmail.com or on our Facebook page to see which rooms are available.

Who is able to rent a room at TDY Haven Crash Pad?

TDY Haven Crash Pad rents individual rooms strictly to military personnel. Some people choose to rent rooms in the same house with their friends or classmates at Randolph AFB and we do our best to house you together when requested. As always, security and cleanliness are of utmost importance. Each room has a personal code-lock door and each week a professional cleaning service deep cleans the home. Call, email, or visit our website to learn more about ways we make your TDY stay great at TDY Haven Crash Pad.

Oftentimes we are able to refer you to places that accommodate families and/or pets; please reach out to us via phone or email.

How far away from base are TDY Haven Crash Pad homes?

Proximity is key when choosing off-base housing. Nobody wants to waste time driving to and from base; TDY Haven Crash Pad has multiple locations all within the same housing community located in Schertz, TX within a 10 minute drive from Randolph AFB. It’s the best of both worlds – the comfort of a home environment and amenities with the very quick commute you love.

What is the difference between TDY Haven Crash Pad and a PIT Pad?

Nothing – we are technically both! PIT stands for Pilot Instructor Training, which is offered at Randolph AFB and therefore we are one in the same; both a crash pad and a PIT pad. Depending on the situation, we may have classmates living together, friends, or individual rooms rented by military personnel who are all working/training at Randolph AFB.

Are deposits and first/last month’s rent required? Are there any out of pocket costs to me?

No background checks – No first/last month’s rent – No deposit – No out-of-pocket costs

We never request these things as TDY Haven Crash Pad treats you just as on-base military housing would. We have been in your shoes before and do our best to make your TDY housing accommodations easy, simple, and safe.

What is provided at TDY Haven Crash Pad and what do I need to bring?

At TDY Haven Crash Pad we have a fully furnished home to make it easy for you to pack your bag of clothes & toiletries and come for your TDY stay without the hassle of loading up furniture, linens, and kitchen needs. Each room has a Beautyrest queen sized bed, a desk, a dresser or closet, and a 42” TV with access to DirectTV and Wi-Fi. Along with our weekly maid service, we offer bed linens, towels, toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, laundry soap, and more.

Are pets allowed at TDY Haven Crash Pad?

Oftentimes we are able to refer you to places that accommodate families and/or pets; please reach out to us via phone, email, or our website.

Pets are not allowed at TDY Haven Crash pad for multiple reasons in order to respect your fellow tenants that may be staying at the crash pad. Due to allergies, distractions, and the potential for dirty shared spaces, we have decided to have a no-pet policy.