Available Rentals

Luxury TDY Crashpads & Military Housing Rentals


When you are on temporary duty in San Antonio or surrounding areas, you deserve to have comfortable accommodations where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Here at TDY Haven Crash Pad we aim to provide our tenants with the best living experience possible. We know the importance of having a quality place to stay when you are away from home.

]Aerial Map of JBS Randolph Air Base and an arrow poitning to the close proximity of all the houses available through TDY Haven Crash Pad in Schertz, TX

Available Rentals

Brick and vinyl siding Raptor House with a garage and landscaped lawn in Schertz, TX available through TDY Haven Crash Pad

Raptor House

Brick and stone Falcon House with two garages, landscaped lawn, and vibrant green bushes in Schertz, TX available through TDY Haven Crash Pad

Falcon House

Brick Eagle House with two garages, landscaped lawn, and a wide driveway offered by TDY Haven Crash Pad in Schertz, TX

Eagle House

Rental Information

We have multiple houses available to you during your stay. Our properties are located in Schertz, not even four miles, less than a 7-minute drive to the front and rear gates of the base. Our newest home is only a grassy field away from the AFB where you can watch the planes take off from the backyard! Our homes are new and come furnished with brand new Beautyrest bedding and furniture in every room. The homes sit nestled in a cozy cul-de-sac or corner street providing lots of parking and a quiet oasis to hang out and enjoy your time off.

We aim to provide the best living experience possible. Our TDY rentals include free utilities, hi-speed wireless internet, Premium Direct TV including the NFL package, queen-sized beds, on-site laundry, professional weekly maid service, and two separate entertainment rooms. Each house varies, some have a fully stocked poker room with mounted TV, a ping-pong table.


We look forward to having you stay with us! Since our rooms are first come first serve, please contact us at 707-576-9999, tdyhavenllc@gmail.com or on our Facebook page to see which rooms are available.

What is DTS?

DTS stands for the Defense Travel System, which is a comprehensive travel management system that automates the entire travel process for DoD travelers. It allows users to create travel orders, make reservations, get approvals, submit travel vouchers, and receive reimbursements.

Is there training available for DTS users?

Training is available for all users of DTS. You can find various training options on the DTMO website, categorized by Type, Role, Topic, or Series.

We know this can be very confusing and convoluted. We have created a PowerPoint illustration showing you the steps you need to go through to fill out your DTS Authorization.

If the PowerPoint doesn’t give you the information you need you can contact DTS Support for Randolph AFB at the following:

210-221-4321/0858 DSN 471
usaf.jbsa.502-abw.mbx.502-cpts-dts@mail.mi l


Randolph AFB DFCRJ, Texas, USASite POC
210-652-0211 DSN 487

Randolph AFB – Joint Base San Antonio
210-221-4321 DSN 487

What are my lodging options for my TDY stay?

When it comes to housing accommodations for your TDY, there are several options to consider. At Randolph AFB, you can find on-base housing in the form of hotel rooms. Additionally, off-base options include crash pad/PIT pad housing, apartments, or hotel rooms.

If you are interested in the TDY Haven Crash Pad, we offer individual rooms exclusively for military personnel. Benefits of staying there include having a private room with a code-locked door, fully furnished with quality beds and furniture, weekly maid service, access to a full laundry unit, and owners who are easily accessible.

To inquire directly and determine if TDY Haven Crash Pad is suitable for you, please call 707-576-9999 or email them for more information.

What are the benefits of off-base housing at TDY Haven Crash Pad?

TDY Haven Crash Pad provides a range of benefits for those seeking off-base housing near Randolph Air Force base. These benefits include:

Private and secure bedrooms: Each room is equipped with key-code access, ensuring privacy and security for residents.
Weekly maid service: The crash pad offers weekly cleaning services to maintain a clean and comfortable living environment.
Responsive owners: The owners are easily accessible and prioritize meeting residents’ needs in a timely manner.
In addition to these benefits, TDY Haven Crash Pad offers a variety of amenities, such as:

Free high-speed wifi
Premium DirectTV with sports and movie channels
42″ TVs and desks in every room
Free utilities
In-unit washer/dryer
Linens and plush towels
Queen-sized Beautyrest beds
BBQ facilities
Fully equipped kitchen with appliances and utensils, including a dishwasher.
To learn more or inquire directly, you can call 707-576-9999, or send an email.

How much does it cost to stay at TDY Haven Crash Pad?

Staying at TDY Haven Crash Pad does not require any out-of-pocket expenses. All rooms are offered at the same rate as on-base housing. One notable advantage of staying at TDY Haven Crash Pad is the additional space and amenities provided. Along with a personal room/suite that ensures safety, security, and privacy with a code-locked door, you also have access to a kitchen, living room, and a spacious green backyard where you can relax, study, and enjoy your TDY stay.

If I am in on-base housing, can I switch to off-base housing with TDY Haven Crash Pad?

Yes, it is possible to easily switch from on-base military housing to off-base housing with TDY Haven Crash Pad. Many individuals have moved in on the same day they contacted TDY Haven Crash Pad. There is no need for a Non-Availability letter, as off-base housing rates are the same as on-base housing rates, with added benefits such as internet, cable, fully furnished rooms, and a fully-equipped kitchen.

You can contact TDY Haven Crash Pad through phone, email, or text to start the process of switching to off-base housing. We will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you have.

What if I refer others to TDY Haven Crash Pad?

If you refer someone to TDY Haven Crash Pad and they complete their TDY stay with, you will be eligible for a referral bonus as part of their rewards program. TDY Haven Crash Pad appreciates your support and keeping them us mind when referring others in the future. We will provide the referral bonus as a thank you for your referral.

What if I need to delay or extend my TDY stay?

If you need to delay or extend your TDY stay, TDY Haven Crash Pad understands and is flexible with date changes. We have experienced situations where training or TDY dates may shift. There is no penalty for needing to change dates based on such changes. If your end date of the TDY stay moves to a later date, TDY Haven Crash Pad will do its best to accommodate you for the remaining duration of your TDY stay. We are committed to meeting your needs and ensuring a comfortable stay.