Benjamin Vega

Great Experience, Mark and Rhett got me into a house right away after a reservation I had with another company kept getting pushed back and I needed a place to stay. We were also well taken care of and if we needed anything we received it in a timely fashion!

Ray Ramos

I stayed at the Raptor house, it was gorgeous and comfortable. TDY Haven was very in touch making sure all our needs in the house were met. Not one hesitation was made to ensure the quality of their locations and service were top notch. I recommend staying with TDY Haven during your duration at Randolph.

Michael R

I trust relying on TDY Haven Crash Pad for my home because they are dependable, reliable, honest, just provide all around good comfort.

Emily Gulff

I haven’t started my stay at TDY Haven yet, but I am so excited for it. All of the communication so far has been great and the location and the amenities offered are the best part.

Jarod Washington

TDY Haven is a great company with owners that will do everything they can to help you out. They’re very flexible and if you just ask they’ll help! Solid location and solid house!

John Johnson

Very accommodating if there are any maintenance issues with the house and they would fix them right away. The maid service helped a lot on being able to study and focus on PIT and provided a very clean place to live.

Stephen Bost

Stayed here for three months and had a great time. The weekly maid service helped keep the place clean when we were busy. The house itself was very nice, TVs in every room and HBO were nice to have. The owners of TDY Haven Crash Pad were always looking for ways to improve our experience. I had no complaints and would recommend place to anyone.

Clay Reierson

I stayed with TDY Haven for 4 months during PIT, and it was awesome! The house was always kept clean, and the owners are always willing to help or make things better, and it is a perfect distance away from Randolph. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is staying for PIT or RPA training.

Todd Arthur

Definitely better than other on base or hotel options. Owner cares and is responsive to customer needs. Property is very nice. Very well furnished. Weekly maid service is great. House is well stocked. Cable and Netflix and internet package is robust. Neighborhood is quiet. Would strongly recommend to others.